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The BFFW was formed in 1999, out of necessity, by Thorr Yngvisson and his late wife Ingga.
It had not gone unnoticed that there was no National Organization solely for the benefit of those running Ferret Welfares, Rescues & Sanctuaries. Insurance cover was the biggest problem and after much phoning of different companies a firm specializing in animal insurance was found and thus the BFFW was born.
Initially there were 4 welfares forming the nucleus of the organization.  We, naively, thought at the time we would be inundated with requests for membership.  We were wrong and it has taken 8 years, and a lot of hard work, to gain the good reputation we have today and the recognition of the RSPCA & PDSA as the major organization for Ferret Welfare in the UK.


The BFFW is a private organization and, unlike any other organization, is a working
co-operative acting as an umbrella organization for its Branches.  Membership is very strict, strict in the way that we do not just accept anybody because they have sent us a cheque.  We research those applying and contact others for their opinion and if they fulfill the criteria set down by us they are invited to join. For the first 3 months they are on probation.  After all, we have to guard the reputation of the BFFW and its Branches.

We do not have AGM’s or voting, we have a Manager, and that saves a lot of time and money to both us and our membership. Also, we do not interfere with the running of our Branches, why should we!! If it dosen’t need fixing why fiddle with it! If members need to talk or need advice then we are only a phone call or an email away.  If we don’t know the answer to something we can usually get in contact with someone who does.

Funding is a big issue. Our only income is from the yearly subs, a mere £40 for £5,000,000 public liability, and that just about covers the Insurance costs, not the day to day running.  We are in desperate need of more income, aren’t we all, and are always grateful to the more well-off Branches and members of the public for their donations. Next time you are at a country show or the like, look out for the BFFW.  We are distinctive by our gold logo on a dark green background. Make yourself known and, please, dig a little deeper into your pockets.  Ferrets are wonderful creatures and are often maligned, unjustifiably so, and much deserving of your support.

A good friend to many of us was the late Dick Nutt who was quoted as saying….
A ferret, is a ferret, is a ferret.
He was dead right, no matter whether it be a worker, a pet or a rescue, we do not discriminate.  All we are interested in is the ferret and its well being.

Dr. Rodina Prince is now the Manager of the BFFW

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