The BFFW aims are to assist and advise upon the following:


1) The setting up of approved Welfares and Rescues.

2) The rescuing of sick, injured & abandoned ferrets whenever reasonably possible.

3) The administration of basic ferret first-aid and general nursing care (TLC).

4) The practice of good ferret husbandry through the provision of correct housing,
     feeding and general hygiene routines.

5) The practice of good ferret healthcare - including the provision of adequate

     veterinary care, vaccinations etc.

6) To ensure that a ferret is allowed to act naturally and to express its own character

     as a ferret without being demeaned or degraded (that includes dressing them up). 

7) The adoption of a NO INDISCRIMINATE BREEDING RULE - particularly to, so-called,

    'Show Standards'.

8) Ensuring the safe re-homing of Welfare ferrets through compliance with the

    Federation ADOPT-A-FERRET' scheme.


Every year each of the Federation Welfares rescue many dozens of sick, injured and abandoned ferrets.  Literally hundreds of rescues come through the BFFW every year, many passed on to us via the RSPCA . Some ferrets are too sick or too young to be able to fend for themselves; some have been sadly neglected or mistreated;  some have simply been cast aside because they did not comply with a required 'Show Standard', whilst others come to us from caring homes where circumstances have suddenly changed, and so their ferret must be found a new loving home. Whatever the reason for a ferret coming to us, the funds must be found for its care and veterinary costs. Every Animal Welfare will tell you how difficult it is to find enough funding to care for the needs of all their rescue animals, and properly funding a Ferret Welfare is no different. We rely totally on public donation and all monies are always gratefully received - we simply could not survive otherwise.  Some of us travel many hundreds, even thousands, of miles every year attending the likes of Country Fairs, Agricultural Shows, Steam Rallies etc.  If there is any money to be made we will be there.  But there are also many other ways in which you may be able to help your local Ferret Welfare/Rescue. (See list of local  BFFW   Branches)




Bags of quality dried Ferret Food such as 'Ferret Complete' or 'Ferrets Choice'.

Bedding material such as shredded paper, woolens or clean fresh hay.

Wood shavings for litter (suitable for animal use).

Drinking bottles and heavy ceramic food bowls.

Sturdily built ferret cubs and isolation units, in good repair, for housing.

Help at Shows and other fund raising activities.

Help with transport to local vets, to pick up food supplies or to attend fund-raising events etc.

Money is always gratefully received.

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